Satin Diffuser Drying Cap - Pink
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Our Satin Diffuser Cap has been developed so that you have a beauty salon effect in your home. Ideal for practical women who need agility on a daily basis! Because in addition to drying quickly, you also have your hands free to streamline your day. It serves mainly to dry curly hair, or in transition, efficiently, providing a lot of definition, and controlled Frizz.
For those who are in hair transition, and no longer want to straighten their hair when they need to go out, our cap helps you: With the help of a gel/gelatin, make curlers in your hair, and activate the effect with our Satin Diffuser Cap.
The Satin Diffuser Cap also serves as a thermal activator to enhance your hair treatments during your hair schedule.

ATTENTION: The fabric can be damaged if it comes in contact with surfaces above 140°C. Attach to the cold dryer without the air concentrating nozzle, use only medium or low temperature. We are not responsible for damage caused by misuse.


100% Polyester

Size: 55 centimeters in diameter

One Piece

Proudly Made in Brazil

Satin Diffuser Drying Cap - Pink


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