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Tais Hair Studio


we want you!

Are you needing a fresh start?

Ready for a change? 

We help hair stylists grow successful clientele within our brand and support them to live with clarity and purpose; through mastering their technical & creative skills as well as clientele-building strategies. 


Our team members smash earning goals, create inspiring careers, all whilst enjoying a healthy work/life balance.

Tais Hair Studio

Our belief is that every single one of us has the ability to achieve incredible things

and life is too short to waste the opportunity to live your dream life.

  • You are looking for a place to call home and build a career towards  being a respected and top stylist. Give the clients the best experience with competitive prices. Work in a good environment and always be simple and classic..

  • You are looking to earn significant income 55,000.00 to 75,000.00  and know it take working smarter, not harder to be successful in this business.

  • You are looking for somewhere that will lead you toward success in this industry

  • You love looking after clients and serving curly clients and beyond.

  •  You want to hit the ground running, build your clientele - fast! 

    • A: We have a wait list of awesome clients, waiting for you.

    • B: You are ready to start to build a clientele within our Brand

  •  You want to work with passionate and dedicated team... We work hard, and play hard in a calm, yet fun salon environment.

  •  You are looking for a career, not just another salon… You want and desire the opportunity for personal growth and training opportunities.

  • You want flexible working hours to serve your awesome clients AND enjoy the other parts of your life… did we mention  perks.

  •  You want to get stuck in and get to work- we have a very flexible position available (but if you’re looking for part-time or full time, that's ok too)

Tais Hair Studio

Taïs Hair Studio is a fun and bubbly salon passionate for  curls..

Tais Hair Studio

Our mission is to provide a good working environment for the team and give clients the best salon experience and attract team members to grow beyond a typical hairdresser but an amazing curl specialist as well as a, rewarding career.

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Do you want to be part of the Taïs Hair Studio professional team? If your answer is yes, please fill out the form below.

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