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About my appointment

How do I book for an appointment?

There are different ways you can book your appointment. You can give us a call, use our online booking system, or send us an email. To avoid disappointments, we advise to book 2 weeks in advance. For evenings and weekends please book 4 weeks in advance. We always endeavour to be flexible around clients, opening early and closing late, where possible, so that we can be there for you when you need us.

do you have a booking fee?

Yes, to secure your appointment, we request a $50 booking fee. The booking fee is deducted on you service. It is not refundable if no show or cancelation under 24h to your appointment. Please refer to our cancelation policy.

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Do I need to come in for a consultation prior my appointment?

Every appointment is already included a 10 minutes consultation. However, if it is a colour make over we highly recommend a consultation prior come in.

Do you charge for a consultation?

We charge $30 for a consultation that is redeemable on your appointment or product.

Do you perform a strand test?

Yes we do when needed it. If you have had a colour box or your hair is very dark and you want to be blonde, a strand test is required. It will be charged as a consultation, which is $30.

what service should i book for my curly hair?

We offer a range of services for Curly hair, such as dry cutting, colour and treatments. It depends on what you are after. For a curly cut first visit,we highly recommend the Dry Curly Cut Signature. For a Curly hair colour a prior consultation is another option recommended.

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Are you a CGM (curly girl method) salon or hairdresser?

No. However, we know the method, respect it and apply some of the techniques when needed.

We strictly rely on our consultation to decide what approach to use for your hair.

Do you use CGM products?

Yes, we have CGM products, such as Clever Curl, Pump, Everescents and Love Curl Australia.

Do you colour curly hair?

Yes! Colouring Curly hair requires different techniques and extra patience as we do not brush the curls out.

Why dry cut for curly hair or wavy hair?

Dry cut is recommended because we cut the curls on its natural form providing better results. Please refer to this blog post.

Do you do wet cut as well?

Yes we do, for all hair types. Some curls type is better to cut wet or mix dry and wet cuts.

How do I prepare my hair for my curly cut?

Come as you wear your hair normally. Put product if you do so except hard gels or mousse.

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Can I still straighten my hair after a curly cut?

It depends on your curl pattern. If you have different curls throughout the head, having a dry cut may affect the straight look and the same would apply performing wet cut. It could not work when wearing curly. We would address that during consultation.

How long does a curly cut take?

A curly cut can take up to 2 hours. For a dry cut only, approx. 1 hour with a refresher and for a dry cut, shampoo and blow dry around 1.5 to 2 hours.

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What treatments do you offer?

Signature treatment – we do a cocktail tailored to your hair needs and put under the heat or micro mist machine.

Olapex – is a bond fortifier that will strength brittle, weak and damage hair.

What is Micro Mist treatment?

Micro Mist is a treatment uses the power of water to penetrate deep into the hair. It rejuvenates your hair, making it feel soft, shiny and very healthy looking.

What is a Curl Therapy and Revival treatment?

Curl Therapy – is designed for unruly and frizzy hair.

It reduces the excess volume making it more manageable.

No hot tools involved.

Revival Treatment – gives the slightest smoothing effect to curls, control the frizz, reduce volume and soften super tight curls.

Hot tools involved.

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Tais Hair Studio

When do I know my hair needs protein?

Whenever you had colour in your hair it will need protein. When you notice that your hair looks limp or breaks easily, or it doesn’t bounce back your hair could be lacking protein.

What is the difference between protein and conditioning treatment?

Protein treatments strengthens and repair damage, weak and brittle hair. Conditioning treatments restore and maintain moisture into the hair, especially dry hair.

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Do you do Keratin Treatment or smooth treatments?

No, we do not. We recommend Scaevola Smoothing Treatment, made in Brazil; it is one of the best! However we no longer offer this service.

What type of colour do you use?

Like Original and Mineral, we believe hair colour is a healthy choice. O&M CØR colour is clean from Ammonia, PPD and Resorcinol. We are proud and confident to colour your hair with the best option to protect the integrity of your hair.

Should I prepare my hair for my colour?

As we use a clean hair colour is recommended to come with a clean hair, free of temporary wax or spray grey coverage as it could result in the colour result.

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How does colouring affect my curls?

It is pretty safe to colour your curls; it normally does not change your curl pattern, however during intense lighting process your curls could drop for up to 2 weeks. We recommend home care to keep your coloured curls looking bouncy and healthy.

What is the difference between highlights and balayage?

Balayage is a technique, where strands of hair is painted lighter than the natural hair colour; it creates a soft blended look throughout the hair, leaving the roots darker or just natural.


Highlights is the traditional way of lighting a hair waving and colouring from the roots, creating an over lighter look.

We sometimes mix techniques in one look.

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What is curl painting?

Curl painting is a unique approach to colouring curls. As we like to say “Balayage for curls”. We follow the curl pattern understanding how the curls fall and move around, creating structure, shape and definition. We strategically do colour placement that will best suit your curl type and at the same time keeping the integrity of the hair.

How long does a toner last?

For an average of twice a week shampooing, it will last between 3 to 6 weeks. It depends on the hair conditioning and type of colour.

What if I am unhappy with my hair colour?

We pride ourselves on the quality of our work, however when things go differently than expected, we will correct or redo your hair free of charge within 14 days. We do send a follow up message 7 days after your colour appointment. 

Refunds are not longer available. Please refer to our Policy.

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