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Choosing the correct Hair Colour!

At Tais Hair Studio, we often have people coming in who want to change their hair colour, and don’t know how to go about choosing. Cool tones or warm? Light or dark? Strong or subtle? We offer a #free 15 minute hair #consultation where our stylists can give you advice on what suits you, but in the mean time, here are some basic tips to get you started on creating a new you!

Choosing a colour can be quite a complicated process. Especially if you want a colour that you not only like, but one that compliments your skin tone, eye colour and even your wardrobe. Here are some basic ideas to get you started.

Matching Skin Colour The first thing to determine with skin-hair colour matching in what your base tone is. Are you a warm, neutral or cool tone? From this, we can decide on what tones will enhance and compliment your complexion. This is the most important factor in choosing colours.

Complimenting Eye Colour This is important if you like having your eyes be the highlight of your face. Choosing a colour on the opposite end of the colour spectrum can draw attention to your eyes, and enhance their colour further (this rule also applies to your eye makeup.)

Addressing Wardrobe When changing your colour, especially if you are going to an unnatural shade (think purple and greens and so on) a lot of people forget to consider their existing wardrobe and how it will look with their new hair! For instance, some colours will primarily suit a mostly black to neutral wardrobe and others suit light, pastel colours. Keep this in mind when deciding. In this case, we may even recommend applying a wash-off colour to a part of your hair (such as hair chalk, paste and spray) and then trying on some of your favourite pieces to see if they clash or not.

There is always room for a bigger wardrobe, so this may be a good excuse to have a shopping expedition!

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