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Curly Hair Maintenance – Kick That Frizz to the Curb!

At Tais Hair studio, our team aims to help our clients fully comprehend how to work with the hair that they have been gifted.

We have Tais Pantigas here to help you understand curly hair and how to maintain it. Tais has extensive knowledge on curly hair and had been looking after curls for several years now.

The biggest complaints we have from clients with this type of hair, is the amount of frizz and lack of definition. This primarily happens for three reasons: how you brush your hair, how you dry your hair and how your hair is cut at the salon.

When curly hair is constantly brushed (especially when wet), the strands are strained and easily broken, which causes frizziness. After a shower, the curly hair maintenance method is to apply a leave-in conditioner (preferably one formulated for your hair type) and run your fingers through your hair to detangle.

Because curly hair can be quite delicate, a normal towel will be incredibly rough and will increase your frizz-factor. We recommend using individual paper towels to dab and soak up the wetness. Alternatively, we recommend raw cotton fabric. You want flat and un-textured material to absorb only the excess water. There has been a recent trend of using old cotton t-shirts to wrap your curly hair in. This is actually a very effective way of drying your hair without damaging it.

Curly hair is naturally dry and being exposed to the elements (such as air-conditioning, pollution, sweat and product residue) compromises the hair even more. Curly hair also absorbs the humidity in the air, making it look frizzy and unruly. Therefore we recommend frequent treatments to keep it hydrated. Have it treated once per month professionally and once per week at home.

When going for a hair cut, it is best to find someone who understands curly hair. At Tais Hair Studio, you can feel safe knowing that your curls are in the right hands.

Call today on 02 9660 1373 to book an appointment or do it online.

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