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Revive Your Curls with the Power of Micro Mist Treatment

Updated: May 3, 2023

Have you heard of our Curl Revival treatment, Curl therapy, Curl and Glow?

These treatments are used in a combination of tailored treatment masks from Brazil and Australia and the Micro Mist machine.

What is a micro mist?

The Micro Mist uses water to penetrate the hair cuticles, providing hydration to a greater depth, repairing, rejuvenating the hair, and giving strength, suppleness, and a longer-lasting shine.

Is a Micro Mist the same as steam?

The Micro Mist, uses mist (not steam) generated by ultrasound technology, to process the treatment.

The particles of mist are much smaller and lighter than those of steam and therefore they can penetrate the cuticle of the hair. It pushes the product deeper into the hair where it is needed.

The heat opens the hair cuticles facilitating this process and moist heat also encourages blood circulation, promotes hair growth, and soothing

a dry itchy scalp. The Micro Mist uses a cooling system at the end of each treatment. By cooling the hair, the cuticle closes and traps the treatment product inside. 

Benefits of a hair treatment using a Micro Mist?

The treatment is excellent at refreshing wavy, coily and curly hair textures to help maintain curl definition and minimize product use.

 A treatment using the Micro Mist usually lasts about 8 to 15 minutes and leaves your locks silky smooth for several weeks. Just call the team at Taïs Hait Studio for an appointment.

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